Dog Friendly Phoenix: Camelback Mountain

Hiking one mile may not sound like much of an adventure, but the Echo Trail at Camelback Mountain makes you work for every inch as you scramble your way to the top. There is very limited parking at the mountain so getting there early is important.  You also don’t want to be caught hiking Camelback in the middle of Phoenix’s notoriously hot summer days, so hitting the trail early is highly advisable.

dog friendly phoenix

We saw plenty of hikers, but Eko was the lone dog on the mountain

dog friendly phoenix

“I laugh in the face of danger”

dog friend phoenix

The top of Camelback offers an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding area 

dog friendly phoenix

The summit is home to some fearless chipmunks who confidently strolled right by Eko

dog friendly phoenix

Eko and I have living accommodations very similar to the people who live at the base of Camelback Mountain.  The one minor difference is that we live in a car

For most good hikes you usually have to leave the city, but Camelback sits right in a developed area on the Phoenix/Scottsdale border.  The nice thing about the hike is that it’s short but tough, so you can have an intense adventure and be done before breakfast.  Including stops for water, photos and a leisurely break at the peak, the whole hike took less than two hours.

It’s great that Camelback is dog-friendly, but you should make sure that both you and your pup are up to the task before you hit the trail.  The hike is steep and your dog will need some serious hops in order to climb with you.  As always, you’ll want to carry water for both of you.

If you’re looking for a fun pet-friendly challenge in Phoenix, look no further than Camelback Mountain. It’s a great hike and a great way to spend a morning with your pup!

5 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Phoenix: Camelback Mountain”

  1. All of the dog beaches are wonderful and I love Balboa Park. That’s probably my favorite place. Most of the central neighborhoods are fun for sniffing and people watching. Little Italy smells particularly good and the Gaslamp isn’t bad either.

  2. That looks like a great hike for a dog like me. I think I should make my people take a vacation in Phoenix so I can climb Echo Mountain, too. At home in San Diego, I like Mission Trails park for hiking. I always have lots of company on the Cowles Mountain hike, but there are others, like Kwaay Paay Peak that are less busy.

    • We endorse Camelback 100% – it was definitely one of our favorite hikes. And we’ll be in San Diego next week, so we will definitely have to check out Mission Trail. Any other favorite spots you recommend?

  3. Eko, Man, you really do know how to laugh in the face of danger! Hope your person gave you extra treats after that hike. What a life for you! Enjoy it. You too, Will. Thanks for all the hard work making this site so informative and enjoyable.

    • Eko was out cold all day yesterday, so he definitely earned his treats! Eko has a tough life, he eats, sleeps and goes on a new adventure every day. Glad you like the blog, I always say that the best part of our journey is that we get to share it with everyone. Thanks for checking in!

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