Pets, Pumpkins And Pet Pumpkins

Eko and I have finalized our costumes, but there is one major Halloween task left to take care of – pumpkin carving.  We picked out some great pumpkins last weekend, but I haven’t had any eureka moments about what to carve.  All I know is that I want them to be pet pumpkins.  Just to be clear, when I say “pet pumpkins,”  I am not referring to this:


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Pumpkins make very boring pets

I mean pet-THEMED pumpkins.  My first thought was to carve Eko’s face in one of the pumpkins.

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog, pet friendly adventure

I had Eko pose for my masterpiece, but I quickly realized that artistically, I was in over my head.  I decided to try a smaller canvas

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog, dog blog

For obvious reasons, this plan didn’t work either

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog, pet friendly blog

While I wasn’t looking, Eko decided to attempt carving the pumpkin on his own.  I appreciated the attempt, but his art was a little too abstract for my tastes.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog, pet adventure

I briefly considered a performance art piece with Eko as the middle head on a totem pole, but Eko quickly nixed that idea

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog, pet adventure

My masterpiece is complete! …in my head at least.

Well, it looks like we’re back an square one.  As I’ve noted before, I rank somewhere between a doorknob and a rock in terms of artistic talent, so I’m going to need to come up with an idea that’s a little bit better suited to my lack of talent.  I have started to go through some other blogs for ideas, but if you have any suggestions for fun pet-themed pumpkin carvings, please let me know!

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  1. I’ve been wondering what Bailey thinks of all of the gourds and pumpkins around our house, right now. Quite a few are well within nibble range, too! Maybe he’s totally “over” pumpkin, after eating it pureed for months last year when his belly was acting up. That, and rice. Ick.


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