What Makes Your Pet Unique?

Whether you have had one pet or twenty, you know that every pet is unique.  They have personality (petsonality?) and quirks all their own.  They have habits and preferences and a repertoire of tricks you never taught them.  Here are a few of my favorite little things that make Eko…well, Eko!

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I call this pose, “The Thinker.”  Despite having a full three-cushion couch to stretch out on, Eko often prefers to sit on the couch, rest his head on the back and ponder the mysteries of the universe for hours on end.  It doesn’t look very comfortable, but he loves it!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

Where is your pet’s favorite place to be scratched?  For Eko it is right on either side of his back hips.  Visitors often wonder why Eko is so eager to show off his derriere, so I quickly have to explain that he is just hoping to get a scratch.

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Since moving to Chicago, Eko has taken up the role of watchdog at the apartment.  For no apparent reason, he often sticks his head out of the top of the stairs and looks around the apartment for five minutes or so.

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Much like his dad, subtly is not Eko’s specialty.  Other dogs I’ve had would drop hints when they wanted affection, but Eko simply prefers to turn himself into a canine torpedo

You could replace Eko with a perfect looking clone, but it wouldn’t take long for me to recognize the impostor.  The habits, tendencies and idiosyncrasies just can’t be faked!

What quirks or habits make your pet unique?

21 thoughts on “What Makes Your Pet Unique?”

  1. One of the joys of inviting a dog to share your life is discovering those very ways in which your dog is unique…Getting to know their very own personality quirks helps you build that bond which will serve you both for the duration of your time together

  2. Hmmm, well Schroeder is unique because he is an animatronic in disguise.And Linus is unique because he drools a Lot when he is happy and is really good at rolling down stairs.

    Artemis, my bunny, is unique because she sheds her hairs so it looks like she is wearing a skirt 🙂

    And I am unique because out of the hundreds and hundreds of pups mom met and took care of at the shelter, she decided to adopt me!

  3. Eko has some pretty cute quirks if you ask me! And, you’re right each dog is different. Dottie has a fear of the dishwasher, vacuum and loud noises and sleeps under our bed at night. Boomer doesn’t know a stranger and when he wants to play will bring you shoes from your closet one by one and leave them in a pile in front of you. Silly pups!


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