My Diabolical Scheme To Finally Win An Easter Egg Hunt

My brother and sister are, respectively, five and three years older than I am.  What this means is that I spent my childhood losing at everything to them.  With Easter a few days away, I am reminded of losing egg hunts so badly that my parents would cheat on my behalf and drop eggs in my basket while I was busy not finding any on my own.  But those childish days are over!  I’m an adult now! And you know what that means?  I’m now old enough to win an Easter Egg hunt by cheating for myself.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I may be an “adult” but I am still terrible at egg hunts, and my friends and I have one planned for this Sunday.  I don’t want to lose, so I have enlisted some help to ensure I come out on top.  A bunny hides the eggs, so who better than a bunny to help me find them?

Rhodesian Ridgeback

I couldn’t find a bunny rabbit, so I enlisted the help of this Rhodesian Ridgebunny

The party is at a friend’s house, so I first had to develop a cover story as to why I’m bringing Eko.  I decided to go with, “Eko loves to dye eggs!”

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Boom, now we have a reason for Eko to attend the party

Here is where the scheme really comes together.  I’m responsible for bringing the plastic eggs for the hunt.

dog adventure

What my friends don’t know is that today I filled the eggs with dog food and hid them around my apartment

dog blog, dog adventure

Eko sat by the door, out of sight, while I hid the eggs.  On my cue he eagerly set out on the hunt

Rhodesian Ridgebunny

In no time he discovered all the eggs and devoured his well earned bounty

The eggs are now all laced with a dog-food scent (don’t worry, we’re only hiding pocket change in them – I’m not that diabolical!) and Eko knows he is rewarded for every one he finds.  In sum, we have this competition in the bag.  Or in he basket, I should say.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

My secret weapon!

I have no doubt that my friends will quickly catch on to my scheme so that eventually the hunt ends up with all of us simply chasing after Eko.   Sounds like a pretty fun time to me!

26 thoughts on “My Diabolical Scheme To Finally Win An Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. I sure hope your friends and family don’t read your blog or the gig is up. It is a brilliant plan so I hope you are successful. Being a middle child I’m familiar with the eldest child always winning and the youngest being allowed to cheat so defeat for me was inevitable. I can’t wait to hear the conclusion to this plan.


  2. Simply adorable! Good luck! Please take some video. This has the potential for big laughs. Have a Hoppy Easter:-)


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