Thankful For Great Friends

Usually when someone sends me mail it is because I owe them money.  Or they want to sell me something so that I will owe them money in the future.  So it was a fun surprise when I opened the mail today and found a card hand addressed to me. (Ok, full disclosure, it was addressed to Eko but he put me in charge of handling his mail)

But who was it from?


Aha, a guest from our B&B, but who?  Only one way to find out

Eko’s still a bit too young to read, so I handled that duty for him as well

It’s from Eko’s new pal, Cash!  Very sweet of him to send a thank you note, but what’s that about a massage for Eko?

Just when Eko can’t get any more spoiled, Cash goes ahead and sends over this awesome gift certificate.  Eko, you lucky dog!

I checked out the Canine Massage Chicago site and it looks like they have a warm-water pool just for pups. Now that winter is here and Lake Michigan is frigid, Eko is in for a special treat once I set up an appointment.


“Hey Will, how about we just go right now.  Right now works for me.” 


Thanks Cash! And my friends Neal and Cara who I hear lent their credit card to Cash 😉

At the start of this holiday week, the card from Cash was a nice reminder that we have so much to be thankful for.  Great people, great pups and great friends.

18 thoughts on “Thankful For Great Friends”

  1. Eko looks mighty proud of that certificate, and did you notice….. his tail is to his right, which proves what you’ve been saying, Will. That IS a positive sign! Have a great Thanksgiving you guys.
    Tuffy Cat and Dottie


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