The Never Ending Mess

Simply put, adventures with Eko tend to be messy.

After bounding through sand, snow and mud Eko usually brings about ten pounds of grit home with him

Although I do my best to brush and bathe Eko, inevitably my couch, blankets and pillows get dirty too

Even indoor adventures get messy when Eko tosses all of his toys around

It usually takes me a couple days to find all the scattered shreds 

Eko really feels for the poor guy who cleans up after him

Does the mess ever end? Nope.  But neither does the fun, adventure and love we have together.  I’ll take that trade any day!

22 thoughts on “The Never Ending Mess”

  1. You guys are so perfectly matched – you both love sharing adventures together, and you don’t mind (too much) cleaning up after Eko – what more could a dog ask for! 🙂 I agree, the fun/labor trade-off is definitely worth it. Have a fun weekend!


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