[VIDEO] Right Time for a Pet? Right Now!

This week’s video piggybacks Monday’s post about the “right time” to get a pet. I’m happy, excited, nervous and a whole swirl of emotions about having another dog. But most, importantly – I’m ready.

I’m going to need to buy a bigger futon!

42 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Right Time for a Pet? Right Now!”

  1. Will you never know when the right time is, but a gut feeling is the best way to know.
    After my Charlie passed away last year, I was going to wait, but I went to my vet to talk to him about what could of happened to him.
    I wasn’t even thinking of getting another dog so soon, (3 days after he passed away), my vets tech’s were telling me about a dog that was bought to them by the police a month ago. I asked to see him since I was waiting to talk to my vet. Well two hours later, I was adopting Buddy.
    It was the best thing I.did ! He is like my last two dogs mixed into one. He has helped me though a lot, and is my travel bud, he goes everywhere with me. He fit in my life.just at the right time.
    I am looking to adopt another dog soon, have to finish my back yard first, then Buddy and I.are off to find a brother or sister.
    Hope all goes great for you and Eko.


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