Eko’s Most Cherished Possessions

For the majority of each day you would have a tough time distinguishing Eko from any of my other couch cushions. He sinks into his blanket and sleeps like a rock. I thought moving would disturb his routine, but how dare I question Eko’s commitment to lounging.

While I moved box after box of stuff, Eko remained entirely unconcerned

Eko slept his way through most of my frenetic packing, with a few notable exceptions. The moment I brought out one of my travel bags Eko snapped awake and went into guard mode.

“Where this bag goes, I go”

Eko rode with me for that trip to the new apartment, but as soon as we got back to the old place it was right back to snooze-central. I loudly moved my bed but it elicited nothing more than a yawn from Eko.

“I’m trying to sleep here, can you keep it down?”

But when I brought down his bed…

“And just where do you think you’re going?”

This same process of selective interest of course also played out again when I picked up Eko’s food/treats and toybin. Everything else in the apartment barely elicited more than a yawn from Eko.

So quite literally, when Eko’s world is being torn apart, the only thing that matters is good sleep, good food, good fun and me! The rest is just details. Pretty good mantra in my opinion. It definitely makes downsizing easier when you realize what the important things are.

It’s our last day to move and time for the big push. We’ll catch you guys tomorrow from our new digs!

18 thoughts on “Eko’s Most Cherished Possessions”

  1. Catching up on my blog reading. Love the story. I start sulking as soon as mum gets out her suitcase. Sulking = on sofa with sad eyes. I show interest if my stuff starts getting packed… then I follow mum like a bed smell… I would hate for her to forget me.

    Hope the move went well and you are settling in.

  2. Thanks for the follow guys! Isn’t it interesting how they can associate suitcases/travel bags with you leaving? Dexter loses it when he sees a suitcase.


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