Vacation Round-up

Late last night we wearily arrived home in Chicago. While the pups ate a hearty dinner, I unpacked with my eyes half-open. I organized shoes and jackets outside our front door and was emptying my bags when I heard a knock from the front door. I opened the door to find…Eko!?

Somehow Eko snuck past my tired eyes and was hanging out on the foyer for five minutes before knocking to be let in. It was a long day. And so today, in continuing with tradition, today is a vacation from vacation day. The pups are knocked out on the couch and I’ll take the day to get organized and sort through video from the trip.  While I do that, here are a few more photos from our week in NJ.


Eko loving a fall walk along the trail


A synchronized romp at Emily’s


Emily completely oblivious to the epic battle happening behind her


A tanning session on the back porch


I thought it was too cute how my pups would lay in the sun, but long-haired Auggie preferred to rest in the shade


We even had time to work in a little fashion shoot


I think the hat fit Eko just a bit better


Can’t forget all the great fires we made!

We had a blast in NJ, but there’s no place like home. Thanks for following along, and thanks to everyone who recommended I check out buying an electric fireplace. I think it will be a hit with the pups this winter.

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