[VIDEO] The Life of a Plush Toy

Eko and Penny love plush toys to death, but visitors won’t find any plush toys in my apartment. Why? Like I said, Eko and Penny love plush toys to death.

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  1. Sam (like every Standard I’ve owned) is an eviscerator, too. The button eyes go first, then the nose gets ripped off, then the poor little critter gets skinned and decapitated–but It isn’t the squeaky thing, he just has to murder all stuffies. 🙁 Suppose that makes sense for dogs bred for hunting, but it sure is hard to watch. But I have to confess, I do enjoy watching Penny dog. She cracks me up every time and well that leaping biff…was priceless (is it fundamentally wrong to laugh when the dog crashes like that..if so, sorry). 😉

  2. I had to really laugh at the flurry of movement happening behind Eko! LOL!

    Toys last just about as long in our house.

    Monty and Harlow

  3. After watching the demolition of those poor plushies, we are keeping our toy boxes away from Eko and Penny! We have sent a handful of our plushies to the “Pet Hospital” (which resides on top of the fridge) until our Mommy sews them back up for us, but we are normally good with our toys for the most part. We have killed a few of our toys so bad though that after they were sewed up, they looked like Franken Toys with scars all over them!

    RIP poor plushies!


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