Crash Test Penny

While organizing photos over the weekend, I noticed an interesting trend in Penny’s development. Every puppy I know goes through a “Crash Test Dummy” phase where they crash everywhere and smash into everything.

Penny is no exception

For most pups this phase is exactly that – a phase. But the more photos I looked through, the more I realize Penny has made the phase a full time occupation.


Penny’s shown no inclination to stop crashing full speed into Eko 


And she always thinking about putting on the brakes a second too late


But Penny’s not one to let a skid-out slow her down 


“Call off the ambulance, I’m fine!”



“No Will, I have no idea where I got these scrapes on my face…”

If you need subtlety, tact or discretion, look elsewhere. But if you’re ever in need of a stunt-pup, make Penny your first call!

33 thoughts on “Crash Test Penny”

  1. Penny is so hilarious! I love the crash test name, as I could use that for our dogs too. Every time they see our neighbors come home from work, they run to the front window to woof gladly at them, turn and run through the kitchen (I call it Scooby Doo legs, because all legs are flying everywhere), then they crash into the hallway wall trying to get their Scooby legs going again, run down the hallway into the bedroom, only to catch them driving past the window! Then they wait for them to walk past the window to their door to woof hello again! But what the neighbors don’t know is, that both Nikita and Bella are fighting to be the ONLY one on the bed to look out the window! This happens every day over here. By now, we should have a huge hole in the wall in the hallway, right!?


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