Montrose Dog Beach Appreciation Day

It seems anyone can make up their own holiday these days (see: Tortilla Chip Day, Bathtub Day, etc) so at least in this apartment we’ve declared February 24th “Montrose Dog Beach Appreciation Day.”

We live such a short ride from the dog beach that I admit I’ve taken it for granted. You’d be hard pressed to find another major city with such a large dog beach just a few miles from downtown. With Penny’s temporary ban from off-leash activities, I’ve realized just how spoiled we are to have the dog beach in our backyard.

For the time being we’ll have to get by on memories of our last beach trip.

Every day is dog-beach appreciation day for Penny. It’s her absolute favorite place


There’s nowhere else in the city the pups can get up to top speed


Nothing makes me happier than watching these two race across the sand


Nothing makes them happier either!


And when they really get flying, it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins


I mean, I’m not even sure how this photo is possible. I’m pretty sure Eko shouldn’t have six legs…


Every day at Montrose Dog Beach is a good day

It could be another week or more until Penny gets the all-clear to return to off-leash activities. I imagine it’s going to be quite the homecoming for her. I might need to block off a whole day for that trip.

Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder. We miss you Montrose and we promise to always appreciate you if you’ll take us back!

38 thoughts on “Montrose Dog Beach Appreciation Day”

  1. How I wish I had something like a dog beach for my Axel! He is a lab/hound mix with unlimited amounts of energy. We don’t even have a freaking dog park! The only time he gets to enjoy socializing with other dogs is when we visit my daughter. She lives about 35 minutes from us and has access to a very nice dog park. (One that separates based on size). On top of that, the last 2 weeks has been winter weather conditions of snow, sleet, and ice.
    But……Axel is having his 1st birthday on Feb. 28. We are going to visit my daughter where he gets to party! She has a 5 year lab mix that Axel adores! So much so that its actually more of an obsession. :)! Plus, her friend has adopted a girl who is also a lab/hound mix. Her name is Sitta and I have been told….she is Axel’s perfect match. Same size…..same weight….same breed….and 2 weeks younger! Best of all…she is just as hyperactive and rough during play. Axel is VERY rough when playing….all legs, paws, and wrestling. Yet getting to play is his most favorite thing in the world. So, Sitta is also coming to the birthday party. He will have so much fun. We even have a doggy birthday cake….goody bags….toys….etc. can’t wait!!


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