One Foggy Christmas Eve

Like much of the country, we had some strange holiday weather in New Jersey. On Christmas Eve we walked outside in shorts and stepped into a deep fog.

Emily, my brother and I took all the dogs out for an unseasonably warm romp in the woods.

The fog made it feel more like Halloween than Christmas

Undeterred, the dogs dove headfirst into the mist

The pups moved like ghosts through the fog, ducking in and out of view. We often heard them before we saw them

And sometimes, we barely saw them!

Penny dashed across the trail and Eko took off in hot pursuit

We tromped through mud which should have been dirt

And crossed rushing streams which should have been long frozen

The dense fog provided quite a surreal backdrop 

They don’t have bright noses, but Eko and Penny were quite happy to guide us through the trails

It wasn’t quite the winter wonderland adventure I’d planned for, but it was certainly a lot of fun nonetheless.

Anyone else deal with some wacky holiday weather?

34 thoughts on “One Foggy Christmas Eve”

  1. you were in shorts, on Christmas it was real foggy here in Michigan and Riley was here we played like crazy, it was a little colder but not so bad that we did not have fun playing outside

  2. Why is Doc the only dog on leash? Great photos and lovely to have the whole extended family enjoying the outdoors togetherness!

    • Doc has no inclination to run away, but he also has really iffy recall. We didn’t want to loose him in an unfamiliar place and risk having to wrangle him over the course of a couple hours. He’s come a long way, but still has a long way to go in that department.


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