Five Steps for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Precious time remains between now and Valentine’s Day. Sure, you could get your sweetheart flowers. I bet they’d never see that one coming. Or maybe you’ll pick up chocolates. Real original.

This Valentine’s Day, why not take tips from the love-pros – dogs! Here are a few easy steps from Eko and Penny that are sure to sweep your significant other off their feet.

Step 1: Stare at your date from an uncomfortably close distance until they scratch you on the head

Step 2: Give your Valentine a hug. Get a running start. 20 mph should be sufficient

Step 3: Continue to hug your pal, even if they say “Love you too, but maybe go easy on the hug.”

Step 4: Stand outside your date’s front  door. Whine at them to let you in

Step 5: If they don’t let you in, surely it must be some kind of mistake. Keep knocking on the door until the bum wakes up and agrees to take you to the beach so he can get some peace and quiet

Hm, you know what? In retrospect, this is actually terrible advice. I guess some signs of affection are best left to our pups. Never fear, we have a backup plan that never fails.

Step one through infinity: Look cute and smile

Works every time! At least on me

So, the good news is your pet loves you. The bad news is that if you came to this blog for serious relationship advice you’re in more trouble than I can possibly imagine!

27 thoughts on “Five Steps for a Perfect Valentine’s Day”

  1. Love this! Although all joking aside, dogs absolutely know more about love than the majority of us. If only we could unconditionally love and accept like they do, we would solve 99% of the world’s problems. Seriously!
    After 49 years, I have finally gotten it through my hard head. The best relationship is the one with my dogs. They always accept me with no judgement and are not shy when showing how much they missed me when I return from taking the trash out. Life would be very boring and sad without them. I just don’t think I will ever find anyone that can measure up or compare. Happy Valentines Day to your whole family!


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