Happy Rhodesian Ridgeback Month!

It’s March 1, and you know what that means…Rhodesian Ridgeback, lion, blog, month

It’s National Rhodesian Ridgeback Month!

Full disclosure, there’s no such thing as National Rhodesian Ridgeback Month, but I’m not one to let a minor detail like that stop me from celebrating. In an age when seemingly every type of stationary and confectionary has it’s own holiday, I’m unceremoniously announcing today as the first officially unofficial celebration of N.R.R.M

And how did I pick March for this holiday? Easy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, lion, blog, month

“March comes in like a lion, and out like a lion being chased by Ridgebacks!” Or, at least that’s how I think the saying goes

To celebrate, I’m happy to shave a ridge hair cut for you – free of charge. Alternatively, you can just check out this video about the rigors of Rhodesian Ridgeback life on the savannah/my futon.

28 thoughts on “Happy Rhodesian Ridgeback Month!”

  1. Oh we remember those cool “outfits” – Penny and Eko make FABULOUS Lions and as a cat I hereby grant them membership in the “Honorary Cat/Lion Club” !! HAPPY Rhodesian Ridgeback Month kids!

    Love, Sammy


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