[VIDEO] Head Tilt Compilation

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Taxi service has to hustle to go pick my dad and brother up from the airport this morning. We’re hosting the whole family for my brother’s law school graduation so in the scramble didn’t have a ton of time to make a video. I’m going to let Zero’s cuteness cover my tracks and we’ll catch up with everyone next week. Have a good weekend!

11 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Head Tilt Compilation”

  1. What’s that? Food? I love food.
    You love me? I love you!
    Always, Jo , Sam and Dean
    P.s. Congratulations to your brother!!!

  2. nothing stops me from smiling at a good doggie head tilt – its as if they are saying “are you crazy woman” – nice friday video

  3. Way too cute!! Congrats to your brother and take lots of pictures of him getting his diploma you can share with us!!!


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