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October 14, 2015

Good Dogs. Bad Habits.

I do my best to teach Eko and Penny proper social behavior. But I have to admit there are a few guilty pleasures I’ve indulged at the expense of their manners. There’s a strong divide on the issue, but I’m a big fan of dog-smooches. So if you sit near
I do my best to teach Eko and Penny proper social behavior. But I have to admit there are a few guilty pleasures I’ve indulged at the expense of their manners. There’s a strong divide on the issue, but I’m a big fan of dog-smooches. So if you sit near Eko and Penny it means you’re at high risk of getting one planted right on your face.

Polite? Maybe not. Cute? You bet!

As a puppy, Eko would dart between my legs for safety/comfort. It became a move he did when most excited and desperate for love. But Eko’s grown just a tad since he was a puppy and not everyone is as tall as me.

Eko can practically take Emily for a ride at the beach

And the move has caused an interesting moment or two when we host friends

Penny’s no stranger to a bad habit or two. We’ve done nothing to disabuse her of the notion she’s a lap dog. 

So when friends come over and take Penny’s seat, she does the only reasonable thing

And shamelessly hops up to snuggle

I wonder where she picked up on that behavior…

It certainly couldn’t be from Eko…

We never let him get away with anything like that

Even for our dog-loving friends, the combination can be a bit much.

Eko and Penny were determined to both join Rachel on the chair

The habits may be bad, but the dogs are certainly good. I have to take the blame for these. I do make sure the pups behave politely when meeting people for the first time, if they show the dogs any affection they will immediately be bombarded with kisses and affection.

Not the worst bad habits to have!

Comments for Good Dogs. Bad Habits.

  1. Emmadog says:

    We are fairly well behaved but we have trouble resisting the passing out of hugs and nice big kisses to humans we like. Mom loves it and encourages it with her, so we figure everyone wants our love. Since we are only 40 lbs it isn’t as scary as you two but we think your behavior is acceptable and if the people are at your home, it is your home with your rules!

  2. dashlilly says:

    Yep. Good dogs and very bad habits at my house. Guests are regularly smothered with love… and, well, the furniture is the doodles’ furniture. In fact, I once had a house guest who said, “could I sit on the sofa tonight?” I hadn’t realized that she kept sitting on the small arm chair because both doodles were taking up the sofa. When I jumped up to get her a better seat, at first the doodles just thought they had to make room on the sofa, it took some real coaxing to get them OFF the sofa… Oops.

  3. Victoria says:

    i love those bad habits and yes you are likely to get kisses at my house as well – and if Rigby really likes you he will jump up, stretch the length of his body and say hi. And yes both of my dogs love to go thru your legs to get a butt scratch – Rigs when he is feeling like he needs more love will continue to do so as you walk – makes for interesting moves at home – i don’t have a lot of guests so no strangers get to see it (and i am thankful for that). Muffin also uses her paws to get my attention – and that is something you are supposed to train newfs not to do (because its like going a few rounds w/a prize fighter) but we love it so we never discouraged it – and she has gotten pretty good at making sure she doesn’t knock me out.

  4. nerdgrl (Kim S.) says:

    Mini schnauzers are known for being little lovers/snugglers…and, of course, anyone coming to the door is coming to see them! Steffi and now Amara greet me like I’ve been gone for years when I get home from school. Steffi used to do 360s in the air she was so happy to see me. Minis have any extraordinary leaping ability when they want up on your lap. Amara gives us heart palpitations when she leaps over six feet to get on my lap. Kissy face time is all the time with Amara…and invariably, I get puppy tongue and sometimes nose IN my mouth and my ears. I warn friends coming over what to expect.

  5. KarenS says:

    All of them, such naughty dogs :). These are “bad habits” tolerated by us in return for the love and happiness they give on return.

    Btw. Love the “dog wash” maneuver by Echo, my Bruno loves to do that as well.

  6. Elyse says:

    Oh we have that problem with Duncan. No visitor is safe — they WILL BE LOVED … it’s a mixed blessing for sure!

  7. Jo Rhodes says:

    There are worse habits than being affectionate and loving. I say as long as they listen you’re good to go. Let the kisses be planted and the snuggling commence three are no better joys.

    Much love to Eko and Penny
    From Jo(human) and Sam and Dean

  8. There can never be too many kisses or lap naps. I especially enjoy kissing Mom’s teeth when she laughs. She says, “Disgusting.” That’s how I know she likes it!

    Love and licks,

  9. Ellen Quilty says:

    Listen,things could be so much worse.We had a male,107 lb Ridgeback who came to live with us at the advanced age of nine who while gentle as a lamb with his nearest and dearest could not be trusted with anyone else.He fit the accepted stereotype of the Ridgeback who is über protective and wary of strangers.Knowing what I know now I realize that he had not been properly socialized as a youngster.This led to a lifetime of management problems which is why he eventually came to spend his last years with us.
    Nikki on the other hand is a complete pussycat with everyone she meets.She is a certified therapy dog in whose world there are no strangers and the word”protective” is not in her vocabulary.
    There is no doubt that socialization-early and often-is the key to having a well adjusted Ridgeback or any dog really.Eko and Penny certainly fit that description so what are a few”bad”habits among friends?

  10. Kismet says:

    No wonder you’re hopping mad. Eko is making out with your girl friend.

  11. Hahaha! We try to manage our pups around guests but yes, they think they are lapdogs and Ziva will crawl into your lap just to give kisses if you let her. 🙂 People think my 75 pound lap dog is big! Hahaha!

  12. coastingnz says:

    Similar habits to our boys and yes all completely our fault – but they love it so we love it cos at the end of the day they are all that matters 🙂 Ooooh that’s so naughty…… lol

  13. Be happy they are so loving…Maggie is very stingy with her affection, I would LOVE it if she climbed in my lap!

  14. realappetite says:

    We taught Atlas “kisses” at a very young age to deter him from chomping at us. And now, even though he no longer puppy-nips, it’s still one of his favorite “tricks.” If only everyone felt the same way!

  15. dogdaz says:

    Hugs and kisses bean never be a bad habit.

  16. Fozziemum says:

    Wonderful bad habits..earworm now…hahaah and yes i am a big dog smoocher from way back..always have a wet dog kiss planted on my face at some time during the day 🙂

  17. stephumina says:

    The bad, bad habits we encourage in otherwise very good dogs that result in us humans sleeping on the floor!

  18. My gang has cute bad habits too.

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