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October 29, 2014

Halloween Dog-Costume Party

While we may not make it out for trick-or-treating, that certainly won’t stop us from dressing up like fools to celebrate Halloween. With two days to go, we still have to make a final decision on what to wear. Here’s a few of our favorite options: Eko,
While we may not make it out for trick-or-treating, that certainly won’t stop us from dressing up like fools to celebrate Halloween. With two days to go, we still have to make a final decision on what to wear. Here’s a few of our favorite options:29.1

Eko, as Elwood Blues, is a go-to classic costume


And Penny, with plenty of puppy crimes to her name, can pull off the grizzled prisoner look quite well


I tried to add a little magic to the holiday with these costumes, but in retrospect they kind of look like dunce caps – a costume best suited for the photographer

Speaking of magic, I do think Eko looks good as one wizard in particular:


“Mr. Eko? Here at Hogwarts!?”

Eko’s not the only one with powers. Penny is pretty super herself:


Supergirl looks cute, but she may need to lift weights to fit into her costume

“These costumes are ridiculous!” you say. “Have some pride!” you implore. No problem, I got a pride coming right up for you:


My pride! (and joy)

If we’re feeling a bit more prehistoric, we could turn back the clock a few (million) years:


“Clever girl…”

Halloween started early for these pups, they couldn’t believe all the treats they got for these costumes!

So, now we need your help for the big day itself. Which costume do you like best?

Comments for Halloween Dog-Costume Party

  1. I think the lions are my favorite… Their coloring is just too perfect!

  2. KDKH says:

    Lions. Second-favorite: super girl!

  3. Victoria says:

    I love the lion costumes – suits your pups so well…….although penny is a cute little super hero too! Any of them just show how adorable they are (even grizzled and confused looking Penny).

  4. fredrieka says:

    I am always in costume, sleak trim runway model woof!

  5. Alisa says:

    Omg! Can’t believe how cute they are! Samson wears clothes, but Roo still thinks it’s a game. Penny is turning into such a pretty big girl 🙂 love seeing her grow up.

  6. the lions are great, it totally fits to your pups :o)

  7. Elyse says:

    I vote for Elwood and the prisoner.

  8. Jura says:

    The lions definitely – the colours work so well!

  9. Kim S. (nerdgrl) says:

    Hands (or paws) down: Lions

  10. Kyla says:

    They’re more tolerant than I am. I hate wearing silly suits.

  11. coastingnz says:

    I don’t think you’d want to know what they are saying could we all speak dog language. Deservedly looking well unimpressed LOL

  12. Lynne Powers says:

    The lions for sure!!!

  13. scarlybobs says:

    Love it! 😀

    And oh my dog, does Penny make an adorable lion!! XD

  14. Emmadog says:

    The lion look is real natural!

  15. pawedblog says:

    oh nooo that’s an impossible choice.. I love them all, but the lions are pretty special! Also have a bot of a soft spot for Hairy Potter though!!
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

  16. Sure would love to know where you found the manes. Perfect for Ridgebacks, however, Penny would have to go as a lioness. I want to find a fiend costume for Khoi. The lion mane would be shredded in minutes

  17. I can’t stop laughing, they are are great!

  18. Dottie Wells and Tuffy-Cat says:

    I do prefer the lions, as well. You could put a little bow in Penny’s mane, just so…..
    But, with football season here, and what a name for a team – “Rhodesian Ridgebacks”.
    Have you got any football shirts lying around? I think I remember Eko and you wearing them at one time. Whatever it is, be sure to have lots of Halloween treats (in the form of doggie treats) for them,, and any visitors who may come barking at your door Friday night.
    Your two dogs will always be the hit of any party or holiday get-together. Just remember to be safe and have fun.
    I don’t have anything that will fit Tuffy, but I may just don my graduation gown and hat (yes, I still have them). But a sign hanging around my neck designating me as the ‘Village Idiot’. may explain it all.
    Dottie and Tuffy-Cat

  19. Whee love the lions one and Eko as Harry Potter ^_^ More like Hairy Potter but he pulls it off well!


  20. Well our favorite is probably EASY to guess…….those lion outfits – nothing quite as FAB as the catsuit!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  21. fozziemum says:

    Don’t make me choose!! they are all hilarious..but something about those hats that makes them look so vulnerable ..just too adorable..bet the treat bag is well empty now hahahaa 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  22. Katy says:

    I totally love, love, love 100% of everything in this blog! I love the lions and also Harry Potter!

  23. I think they are all great, but the lion just has a certain symmetry with the Rhodesian…

  24. Looks like the lions won but my favorite was Eko the Blues Brother 🙂

  25. the Lion photo is my all time fave!!

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