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July 17, 2014

Jealous Dogs

For three years Eko had it all. It was a one pup show so he never worried about missing out on things. Then Penny came along and started messing with his toys and eating his treats. The nerve! These days Eko keeps one eye open to make sure Penny’s not
For three years Eko had it all. It was a one pup show so he never worried about missing out on things. Then Penny came along and started messing with his toys and eating his treats. The nerve! These days Eko keeps one eye open to make sure Penny’s not getting something he also wants.Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, jealous, adventure

If Penny takes the best spot in the sun, Eko will use his heft to push his little sister off the desired turf

Of course, Penny is no stranger to jealousy herself. In the eyes of a puppy, nothing on this earth is not theirs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, jealous, adventure

Including treats which have already been consumed by Eko

But by far my favorite (and most self-indulgent) brand of sibling jealousy is “lap dog envy.” No matter where I am, if I give one of the pups affection, the other immediately knows about it. It doesn’t matter if the other dog is in a different room or sleeping, they somehow just know they’re missing out on attention.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, jealous, adventure

Penny likes to jump in my lap to get some love. Like clockwork, Eko comes over to claim the love he deserves

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, jealous, adventure

Using his patented “my butt is bigger than yours” strategy, Eko will rump Penny out of the way

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, jealous, adventure

Penny does not give up without a fight

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, jealous, adventure

But there is plenty of love for all!

Jealousy is not known for being a cute emotion, but when these two love-bugs vie for prime butt-scratching-real-estate I can’t help but grin. If Eko and Penny didn’t get along it might be a problem, but it’s nothing but love with these two.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, marking our territory, jealous, adventure

Competitors? Sometimes. Siblings? Always.

If you have multiple pets, do your pet-siblings have any jealous tendencies with one another? Or if you only have one pet, do they get jealous when you show attention to other people?

Comments for Jealous Dogs

  1. Victoria says:

    If I sit down to pet Rigs then Muffin comes over and swipes me with her big tongue and puts her butt in front of me to pet it. If i sit on the couch with Muffin she stretches and stands on the couch so i rub her belly and Rigs sneaks underneath and puts his whole body on top of me – so yeah we have some jealousy issues but i benefit from it all of the time.

  2. Well, Will you already need a bigger lap, what are you going to do when Penny is all grown up? lol It is great that Eko and Penny get along so well and love each other. Sure made everything easier bringing that sweet little sister home I bet. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Jeff says:

    No matter what living thing (person, dog, cat, ect.) Stryder immediately moves in to get between us. Heck, even one time I had a new girlfriend over and he proceeded to get on the couch to sit between us.

  4. meANXIETYme says:

    We get the same issue here with two dogs, but mostly with the younger one. If Le Moo is getting some pettin’, Butthead always has to be right in the middle. In our face. On our lap. On Le Moo’s head. Doesn’t matter, Butthead is always squeezing her way in. And our poundage is 80 and 95lbs. We try to avoid letting them sit ON us in any way at this point. It’s a health hazard for us. 😉

  5. They are so cute together but when you only have one lap it truly CAN be a problem! HAHAHA…….Penny is growing so fast but she still has that sweet “huh?” expression on her face – puppies spend a lot of time with that look on their faces for good reason! Learning is a long process!


  6. think the “green eyed monster” belongs to nearly all siblings from time to time… btw: have I noticed that I’m an only child?… just saying :o)

  7. fredrieka says:

    attention we all have to get equal attention

  8. raisingdaisy says:

    Will, you’re killing us with cuteness here!! 😉 Daisy is an “only pup” but she gets jealous if she sees me taking pictures of anything other than her. It’s weird, because many times she’ll turn away from the camera with her best “No Paparazzi” diva attitude, but if I turn that camera on birds, squirrels, deer, flowers – anything – she’s right there, demanding the camera’s attention and barking angrily at the subject. And then she’ll pose like the photo-diva she is!

  9. KDKH says:

    All my cats, dogs, children , and husband know to steer clear when the cockatoo is on my shoulder, or else they’ll get a bite so hard it will bleed…. The husband will politely ask me to move the bird away, lest he loose an eye, ear, or worse trying to kiss me.

  10. Melody says:

    A very common occurrence in our house as well, more so with visitors than us now-a-days. They act as if they are neglected by us.

  11. Emmadog says:

    Katie is so easy going, aside from the first week I lived with them, she has never minded me a bit. Me on the other hand, I am the jealous type. I have had some nasty fights with Bailie because I don’t like giving up the baby status I held for seven years, but we are working it out day by day. Bailie and I have a blast together, but I don’t like it when she gets the extra attention sometimes. Katie is still not jealous of either of us, so that does help a bit.

  12. Kyla says:

    They think we’re impossible when the 3 of us start frapping. This usually results in treat to get us to calm down.

  13. pawedblog says:

    Oh yes! The green eyes monster definitely exists in all 3 pups here. The biggest culprits though are the girls, Myfie is so laid back he’s happy to wait his turn for whatever it might be! You would think it would be different since he is the eldest! I completely agree, jealousy is an ugly emotion but not in dogs and I think it’s because they act on it, but never in malice!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups! x

  14. Yes to both questions Will! My cat has always been possessive – when visitors came he would jump into my arms and canoodle up, then survey them with a smug look on his face. Now he glowers from a high place when puppy gets attention, affection or on my lap. Puppy sits on the floor and whines when cat gets attention, affection or on my lap….. Sigh!!

  15. Marcela says:

    Lol. Will I truly enjoy your posts! I can’t believe Penny puts her face inside Eko’s mouth.

  16. This absolutely happens with Nacho and Noah. Noah is a bit of a Mummy’s boy so he gets instantly jealous the moment I hug another guinea pig of if he smells one of the others on me. He has been known to leap across a sofa onto my lap after seeing Nacho there, shoved Nacho off and cuddled up to me looking totally innocent!


  17. Yep! Pesky younger siblings hog all the attention and take over your world. I feel your pain Eko dude. Sometimes you get your opportunities to get them back, I peed on Butthead during our walk on Tuesday! hahaha!

  18. When we had a turtle named Leave-The-Turtle-Alone, I was always jealous of any attention he got from Mom. We were not siblings. He was a thorn in my side and a plague on my house.

    Love and licks,

  19. Dakota is our jealous pet….BIG TIME…if we even say Cody’s name he immediately runs to whomever said it and wants to be petted. If we are petting Cody the same thing……..Cody could care less but Dakota is BEYOND jealous!

  20. We are pet-sitting an agility friends Pap this weekend and I am being a complete green eyed pain. Lucky mum loves me.

  21. Jorie says:

    Love these pictures and you’re so spot on. These pups have a sixth sense for when another dog is getting attention and they want in on the action. 🙂

  22. You just have to get a bigger lap. My dogs do the same thing, if someone is laying next to me then gman as to come over and lay on top of them. Great photos, I still get a kick out of the photos of Penny’s head in Eko’s mouth.

  23. Bongo says:

    The cats in my house get way more attention than they deserve. They shouldn’t get any.

  24. OhMelvin says:

    They are so cute!!! Melvin is pretty easy going but when Jake first came Jake bonded to me a little too much and started guarding me (he’d growl if anyone came close, especially Melvin). Worked with a trainer and all was good!

  25. Will, I don’t know if you send out Christmas cards each year, but the pic with Penny and Eko in the heart is perfect.

    One of my clients has three rescue dogs, all well over 100 pounds. We were sitting on her couch discussing her project, and one of her dogs, sensing an animal lover in his midst, crawled into my lap just like Eko. I laughed so hard, as the dog was huge. It made me smile, though, just like these two.

  26. Caitlin says:

    Mine do this too!!!

  27. omg… treats that have been consumed by Eko… omg… XD

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