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March 14, 2013

One Lucky Dog (Will, That Is!)

We all know how lucky we are to have our pets, but getting ready for St. Patrick’s day reminded me that there is often more than a little luck involved in finding our pets in the first place.   The one that almost got away
We all know how lucky we are to have our pets, but getting ready for St. Patrick’s day reminded me that there is often more than a little luck involved in finding our pets in the first place.  

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

The one that almost got away

If I hadn’t left my job in Washington, DC for one in New York, I never would have been in a position to have a dog at all.  Or if I had decided to wait until later in the year (as I originally intended) to get a dog, I would never have found Eko.  Thankfully, I had the luck of the Irish with me and picked up the phone on the right day at the right time.  The rest is history!  Eko is my good luck charm, so it is only fitting that we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

I have a feeling this “lady’s dog” will have no trouble getting smooches

Chicago is known for one of the best St. Patrick’s parades in the country, so I am excited to check it out firsthand this Saturday.  Eko is not one to shy away from revelry (he was a big hit at Mardi Gras in New Orleans) but unfortunately there is no good way for him to get downtown since we can’t drive.  Don’t worry though, we will check out some local festivities before I go and Eko will no doubt be content to hang out at home with his “pot of gold”.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

For Eko, a pot of food glows even brighter than a pot of gold!

Anyone else have a lucky break when it came to finding their pet?

Comments for One Lucky Dog (Will, That Is!)

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    I agree that it does seem like fate draw us to our ideal pets when the time is right. We knew we would be getting a dog sometime – but “sometime” never seemed to come. We would enjoy playing with puppies and “awwww” over them when we walked away, but we were no closer to making a commitment. Then we saw Daisy…..and there was no turning away. 😀 It was one of the happiest decisions of our lives!

  2. Victoria says:

    I saw an ad for pet adoptions at the local shelter for a half St. Bernard, half Beagle- the picture of the puppies was so cute and we wanted a bigger dog but we were going to wait a year. i went to the shelter on Christmas Eve just to look and then couldn’t resist adopting one. I had actually picked out a little girl puppy (Rigby’s sister) that i liked but Rigby came out of the kennel and gave me love so i picked him instead. His parents might have been a crazy mix and he looks nothing like either one of them but he is a gorgeous mix and was the perfect fit for us.

  3. Juno really found us…of the 3 puppies in her litter, she was the only one left when we went to pick her up. The other 2 families had come and gone already. Juno was apparently too ‘exuberant’ (a fancy word for crazy) for the other families. Huh. We think about that day all the time……Anyway, turns out we needed her as much as she needed us 🙂

  4. love that photo of Eko! lol. Yes….my husband was on a “Sheltie Search” to fulfill my childhood dream of wanting a Sheltie. He began his search right after my 18 yr old “soul kitty” passed (the cat NEVER would have tolerated another pet) Right after I adopted Cody my husband began his search. We searched rescues but they were too far from our home (I knew nothing about pet transport in those days because I hadn’t started blogging)….and a few breeders turned us down because we were in a condo and not in a house. Then one day, my step daughter (who was breeding Chinese Cresteds at the time), overheard someone at the vet saying they wanted to sell their 3 yr old Sheltie. We called, but they also didn’t sell him to us because we didn’t have a yard but they told us about another breeder who was selling her 6 mo old Sheltie (who turned out to be Dakota) because she couldn’t “SHOW” him. The rest is history! Dakota was my birthday present in 2007 and he is the BEST birthday present I had ever received! Sorry for the long story!
    Oh and St.Patty’s Day is GREAT in Chicago! They dye their river GREEN! (My fave color!!)

  5. We feel it’s always down to fate. Our two dogs were found by couriers J&M while on their travels through Spain. We’d asked them to look for two rescue puppies – didn’t matter what kind – just not too big as two at the same time could be a bit of a handful if very large 😉 we got a call to say they’d found two pure bred Cockers and we had 20 minutes to make our minds up as other people were queuing up. They arrived 24 hours later. Never have regretted that snap decision 😀

  6. emma says:

    Bummer that us dogs are so restricted in this country…in Germany we could hop the bus or subway with mom any time, just had to pay for an extra person since we were not lap dogs! I am sure Eko will find some fun no matter where he is.

  7. onebluedog says:

    You and Eko were meant to be together! I can’t imagine a more perfect match 🙂

    Mom was pretty lucky when she met me too! The day I moved from the animal control shelter to the spcaLA shelter was Friday the 13th and mom wasn’t even supposed to be at work. But another vet tech called in sick and mom came in and that’s how she met me 😀 Is that lucky or what?

  8. Judy says:

    I found my Charlie girl when I started a conversation with someone in a pet food store. I was admiring their dog when they told me their daughter had to give away her dog…one look and I was in love!!

  9. Your posts are so much fun. I’m always glad when I log on.

    I love that pot of gold. Eko has the right idea.

  10. I agree a pot of food is much better than a pot of gold :o) Your glasses are gorgeous!!!

  11. Shary Hover says:

    The shelter where we found Lola didn’t usually have puppies, just older dogs, but someone had dumped her in a parking lot, so they took her in. The volunteers had to watch over her carefully because she was so small they were afraid that the hawks would swoop down and get her when she played in the yard.

    She was the softest, wiggliest, crazyiest ball of fur, and her main goal the day we met her was untying our shoelaces. We fell in love instantly. She’ll be seven this month and I can’t imagine life without her.

  12. Boomdeeadda says:

    When we got Jasper, he was the last one left in the litter. He was the love of my life for 14 years. Lucky for me they saved the best for last.

  13. Whitney B. says:

    Yes – ours was more of a sad break than a lucky one. We were originally supposed to get Sarge’s sister – but she passed away from heart failure the day before we were supposed to pick her up. Broke our hearts – we decided not to get another dog. But we couldn’t say no to Sarge whose original adopters backed out. We’re SO lucky he’s ours – and he was born on March 17, so he’s extra lucky!

  14. writetowag says:

    Green is a great color on you Eko!!!!

  15. Eko you rock those glasses!

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