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January 17, 2013

Pets Make The World A Happier Place

For about eight years I worked in a restaurant, so I know firsthand how tough the service industry can be.  Everyone who walks in the door is there because they need something from you and the grind can be exhausting.  That’s why, whenever possible, I bring Eko with me on
For about eight years I worked in a restaurant, so I know firsthand how tough the service industry can be.  Everyone who walks in the door is there because they need something from you and the grind can be exhausting.  That’s why, whenever possible, I bring Eko with me on errands so that he can spread some rump-shaking cheer! Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

At the mechanic, Eko had a long think about whether the copier was edible

No matter where we go, people’s faces light up when they see Eko.  He doesn’t need anything from the employees and he is happy to dole out some unbridled affection.Cashiers run around to our side of the counter to say hi or snap a photo, and managers have asked me to stick around longer so that some additional employees can pet Eko.  A visit from Eko may only provide a brief respite from the day’s work, but he always leaves the room a bit brighter than it was when he arrived.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet-friendly blog

Unfortunately the mechanic did not also have dog toys, but the staff solemnly promised they would have a bone for Eko next time.  Nevertheless, Eko got to show off some tricks and was a total showboat (I know, what a shock…)

  Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Eko is a regular at the ATM outside the bank.  The tellers vie for who gets to give Eko one of the treats they have behind the desk.  Once again, Eko doesn’t seem to mind the attention!  Rhodesian Ridgeback blog

On quick trips to the coffee shop, Eko knows to politely wait away from the door.  Why?  Because one of his doting coffee shop employee friends will say hello with a little treat.  Life sure is tough for a pup in the big city

And for his efforts at making the human world a happier place Eko is rewarded with what makes his world a happier place – a romp in the park!

Rhodesian Ridgeback blog

Joy in motion

Pets of course make us happy, but don’t forget to share your pet with the world!  Where your pet goes, smiles undoubtedly follow.

Comments for Pets Make The World A Happier Place

  1. Tiffany F. says:

    I love Eko. He’s so well mannered!!

  2. Who wouldn’t smile, seeing a wiggly Eko. I couldn’t agree more, whenever I go somewhere with Litchi, there are always smiles and greetings I would never otherwise get. It’s just wonderful and I wish everyone could do it.

  3. catchatcaren says:

    Eko makes MY world a happier place, that’s for sure!

  4. nerdgrl says:

    Love reading about Eko’s adventures. He’s one lucky (and well mannered) pup!

  5. Bongo says:

    Eko, all those adventures look like so much fun. I guess I get to have fun too – cheering people up on my trails.

  6. Marcela says:

    Eko is so handsome. I am so glad that you include Eko in so many of your outings. Yes, I’ve realized that a dog can always bring a smile. After having dogs, I’ve realized why more and more organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc., are includings dogs as part of their program. Dogs are amazing, to say the least. Thanks Will and Eko for putting smiles on so many people:)

  7. Jessica says:

    That is a wonderful reminder for us dog parents! I’ve been hesitant to take Taylor to certain shops, but merchants these days are surprisingly accommodating! I love that so many places are becoming more dog friendly!

  8. Judy says:

    I recently flew my daughter’s dog home with me. I couldn’t believe the number of people who came up to us to pet her and ask about her,. or just to smile as they walked by. It made the airports alittle brighter, and alitlle smellier when she didn’t make it to the dog relief area!! Yes I did clean it up!

  9. Evelyne says:

    This post made my eyes water. I was so moved by the joy Eko brings to everyone.

    Yep, dogs (pets) do make the world a better place!

  10. Steven/Buddy says:

    That is great you bring Eko with you every where.
    I bring Buddy with me every where to, Buddy just loves going for a car ride! I have a SUV and the whole back is Buddies. I made a Zip Line for him with cargo straps attached to the grab handles above the rear doors. Then used a 32 inch bungee leash to hook Buddy up to his harness and he loves it and makes Buddy a little safer to.
    But the thing that makes me made is what some people are doing to be able to bring there dogs with them every where! They are buying patches for there dogs harness, that say they are “Service Dogs” when they are not.
    I seen this on the news and on the internet.
    I myself am disabled and legally can have a service dog.
    The Federal Law is not that good on this issue of checking or registering service dogs. Because it is against the law to ask one what their disability is and why they need a service dog.
    I think the people doing this are wrong and going to make it harder for the people that need there service dogs.
    I am training Buddy now to be my new service dog, since Charlie passed away so fast on me.
    But I think it is great for businesses to let people bring there dogs in no matter if they are service dogs or just their best friend!
    Hopefully people will read this and help get the word out?

  11. raisingdaisy says:

    Pets absolutely do make the world a better place! And we love that photo of Joy in Motion! 😀

  12. I couldn’t agree more, the world is better with pets. I just love to share Boomer and Dottie with people, it not only brightens that person’s day but my pups love the attention too!

  13. Gizmo says:

    I try to bring Gizmo out and about with me whenever I can…it’s good for him, really adds to socialization, and folks everywhere love him…Eko has such great public manners I’m sure he’s a treat wherever he goes

  14. I can’t wait until he is a therapy dog! He is already so good at it!

  15. cathy says:

    It’s amazing how our furry friends can bring smiles to the faces of those around us by just being who they are: genuine, curious, willing to please, joyful, etc. We’re very fortunate to have them in our lives. Mine rides shotgun whenever the opportunity arises. The cashiers, tellers, attendents at various drive-thrus adore him.

  16. Thats pretty cool Eko could go in the mechanic shop. I know what you mean about people lighting up and being de-stress by seeing a happy simple dog in the stressful grind of a workday. I’m sure he made a lot of people’s days just by being Eko 🙂

  17. Boomdeeadda says:

    I can’t think of a better work treat than a visit from a friendly dog. What an awesome day. I love ‘Joy In Motion’ so much. That’s a great photograph Will.

  18. That’s so true. Specially Eko makes me always happy :o)

  19. I’m so glad that Eko is helping to pave the way for other dogs being accepted in public. There are a few people now who want dogs banned from downtown. It won’t happen, but that level of hostility is what we are up against. Nala loves being downtown, sometimes for gross reasons (she loves scouring the streets near the bars Sunday mornings). But the outdoor diners are often happy to see her and share a bite to eat.
    Her favorite place has day old baguettes and she often is gifted with one of those. Major score.
    Every well behaved dog makes it easier for dogs to be more generally accepted. I try to walk everywhere I can, and bring my Ridgeback Nala with me as much as possible. Our list of dog friendly places includes the copy place, tire store, hardware stores, bookstores, garden supply places, the engraver, and more.
    Thanks Eko!

  20. Jura says:

    Absolutely agree! We try to take Tala most places we can in Hanoi, which is surprisingly many as officially there are no regulations… just people’s personal preference, and it is fantastic how many faces she lights up from grumpy old people to formerly crying children. She’s helped create a real connection with people in my neighborhood which I just wouldn’t have otherwise due to the language barrier.

  21. onebluedog says:

    Just seeing pictures of Eko makes me and mom smile; I can’t even imagine what a real life visit could do!

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