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February 8, 2016

Things That Are True

As I walked out the door with the pups, I grabbed a couple bags, as I always do. “They both just pooped this morning, ” Emily said “I know. But if I don’t bring these bags, the dogs will need them.” We laughed because despite the contradictory nature of my
As I walked out the door with the pups, I grabbed a couple bags, as I always do. “They both just pooped this morning, ” Emily said “I know. But if I don’t bring these bags, the dogs will need them.” We laughed because despite the contradictory nature of my sentence, we both knew it to be a 100% true. Whether it’s karma or a conspiracy amongst the pups, there are just some things that are invariably true when you have a dog.

“Hey Eko, I think Will forgot bags. Now is the time to strike.”

Here are a few more of my favorite fun “facts”

“You will break your own rules.” We instituted a strict no-dogs-on-beds policy, but like Swiss cheese, our policy has a few holes. If one of us is sick, or we’re on vacation, nothing beats snoozing with the pups 

“You will lose an argument to your dog.” They can’t speak, but somehow that doesn’t stop them from convincing us to agree with their positions. Like when Eko convinces me he should get the spot on the couch in the sun and I should find another place to read

“You will become stoic.” Only a seasoned dog person can casually be on her laptop while 150+ pounds of dog battles mere inches away

“You will witness at least one scientifically impossible event.” One day I went to run errands. I crated puppy-Penny. I locked both latches. I know I did. But when I came home this little stinker greeted me at the door. Things like this just tend to happen when you have a dog


“You will watch the transformation of at least one person into a dog lover.” Dogs didn’t earn the title “Man’s best friend” by accident. Every pup has done their part to convince at least one new person that canines are awesome pals

These are just a few of the many “facts” I love about life with dogs, but there are so many more to choose from.

They may not appear in an encyclopedia entry on dogs, but what are your favorite “facts” or truisms about living with dogs?

Comments for Things That Are True

  1. the bag-phenomenon is common here too… I have one in my pocket for more than two weeks… and I bet if I leave it at home I will need it…. or when I have to carry it in my pocket for two weeks more I bet it gets a hole… and when I use it then… well ya know :o)

  2. meANXIETYme says:

    I totally agree with the bag issue. Every coat I own has at least two bags in it (because, you know, two dogs) just in case. And even if Le Moo has pooped before we get into the car for a ride somewhere, damn skippy I’d better have a bag because as soon as we exit the car, she’ll have to poop again. I don’t know HOW she does it, but it’s 100% accurate.
    We haven’t broken the no dogs on furniture rule, but we’ve lost a lot of arguments with the dogs…probably, like, all of them. Damn puppy-dog eyes…

  3. Jeff says:

    The walking and pooping never fails. Stryder could have just pooped in the back yard. Then then we go for a walk and 5 minutes in he’s pooping.

  4. Victoria says:

    There are rules? We don’t have too many – dogs are on the furniture and the bed when they want to – and i fit into the couch in between the two dogs when they both want to be on the couch (and frankly its a great place to sit) – I guess the only rule is – don’t eat the cat! So far that rule hasn’t been broken (there have been times when the cat was used as a stuffy for a few seconds)

  5. dogdaz says:

    Absolutely. Somehow they both know exactly what to not-say to get something.

  6. dashlilly says:

    You got it! The rules are set by the doodles. When I say, “I am not going to get up and let you out so you can just sit at the door and whine to come back in. I’m not doing that again.” And within three and a half seconds, I am up again letting Dash out … for the moment. Swiss cheese!

  7. Pat says:

    Puppy eyes! I have zero resistance to puppy eyes. I had a Basset Hound once. Those sad eyes would melt a glacier!

  8. Connie Taylor says:

    Talk about loosing arguments. Our Bentley will sass me to no end even though I tell her to be quiet. She will get louder and louder until l relinquish to go and save “Timmy from the well” as Lassie would do. In other words, she gets mom to take her back outside, even though she came in from her walk just minutes before.

  9. Kismet says:

    You can tell a dog to come from across the room and it won’t hear you. Open the treat jar as silently as you can and the dogs will come running from anywhere.

  10. Abbie says:

    Lol, my favorite is number one. So true, and so many of us do it without talking about it; it’s like an unwritten rule! A variation off of that rule, is that if you are walking one dog, bring at least two bags. Just because they poop once, doesn’t mean they won’t go again while you are out. This one gets a little complicated when you are walking more than one dog, especially depending on how many of them have pooped before leaving. Two per dog seems a bit excessive, but you certainly don’t want to be caught without bags. I was trying to come up with some sort of dog bag algorithm, when I came across a simple solution: a whole roll of dog bags that clips to the leash. It was a welcome relief from the complicated math I was doing before!

  11. Gail Simburger says:

    At our house, if it’s edible and reachable it will be gone the minute you leave. This includes things like the cardboard the bakery item was on or candy wrappers. Not picky here!

  12. You are so right on all those facts!

    This fact applies to one and only one dog of the four in my house and her name is Counter Surfer…I mean Riva. If it is on the counter left unattended then it must be for her.

  13. Tietser says:

    The treat jar is made of glass and has a glass top. She barks in her sleep and her rapid paw movements tell you that she is probably chasing rabbits in her dream. While cleaning the counter I (definitely not audible) move the treat jar ever so slightly. I look down and there she is standing right next to me. Within seconds she must have woken up, fly all the way across the living room, pass the dining area and into the kitchen and looking at me as if to say:”now that wasn’t so hard now was it?”

  14. There is a conspiracy I think relative to #1.

  15. Genevieve says:

    I know for sure that when she’s motivated, a 22 pound dog can fit into a space barely big enough for a hamster.

  16. Emmadog says:

    Mom goes nuts as it seems the time she puts the poop bag in the trash, one of us inevitably decides to take another dump about 30 ft. down the road. It never fails she says! No matter, she still loves us!

  17. Pawsome pals indeed. 🙂

  18. All those facts are true at my house too except mine are allowed on furniture all the time.

  19. Can’t comment since I am, obviously, a cat…….and there are no poop bags involved with me – just a litterbox! However I have my OWN endearing qualities (at least Mom thinks so!)………….for instance the puppy eyes thing definitely is a “species-wide” thing and cats at GREAT at what we call “THE LOOK”………….!

    Hugs, Sammy

  20. fredrieka says:

    Always be prepared

  21. Shalini says:

    i LOVE this post!! SO much 🙂

  22. Great Post and so true on all counts. The truism that hits closest to home for me is the transformation of someone into a dog lover. Holly was always scared of dogs because she had been bitten a couple of times when she was a kid. Our first Golden helped to change that but Kali has made the biggest difference and affected transformation in Holly. It’s Holly that has been the one to break the no dogs on the couch or bed rule. It’s Holly that can’t wait to get another dog (or two!). Dogs are simply game changers.

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