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September 17, 2013

What Is The Best Way To Walk Multiple Dogs?

Yesterday I mentioned how our time with Riley reminded me how much I would like to get Eko a little sibling one day.  Sure it is great dreaming about all the fun stuff, but I also got to thinking about the practical aspects as well.  First and foremost, I

Yesterday I mentioned how our time with Riley reminded me how much I would like to get Eko a little sibling one day.  Sure it is great dreaming about all the fun stuff, but I also got to thinking about the practical aspects as well.  First and foremost, I wondered about what the best techniques are for walking multiple dogs at once.  I have seen master walkers handle a whole pack of pups on loose leashes, but how do they do it?


When Eko and Riley caught sight of a rabbit they both lunged forward


And I did my best to implement a “we don’t walk unless both leashes are loose” rule

My walks with Eko and Riley were by no means perfect, but I felt we made some progress.  Although now I’m not so sure.  It was easier to have a leash in each hand, but I felt like a bit of a sidewalk hog.  I have seen dogs share a sled-harness type leash that keeps them close together, but I don’t think that would work for dogs of markedly different size.  I also realized that when walking two dogs, personality is an important consideration as well.

Let's go!

Scout, my mom’s dog is naturally a much slower walker than Eko

Double trouble

And Dutch, my brother’s dog, is a fast walker but loves to make frequent stops to smell just about everything

Like anything else, time and practice are key factors but I need to figure out exactly what I should be practicing in the first place.  There are a lot of different factors to consider.  I’m sure there are a number of solutions and strategies here so if you are someone who has experience walking more than one dog at a time I would love to hear some tips.  Thanks!

Comments for What Is The Best Way To Walk Multiple Dogs?

  1. Emmadog says:

    From the beginning, Katie and I each have a side we walk on. Katie is right because she is bigger and stronger (Mom is right handed) and I am left. Once we established this, it has kept our leashes from tangling whether we use a short leash or flexi leash. Sometimes Mom holds both leashes in one hand, sometimes one in each hand. She has tried couplers, but if dogs have different interests, she finds it doesn’t work that well unless you train dogs to just walk, no sniff, not much poddy, etc, which we don’t do because that stuff is half the fun of walking. Now with Bailie we are still working it out. Mom says she is a water skier, waving back and forth, but she is still so young, she will find her spot in time.

  2. Marcela says:

    They are gorgeous:) Once in a while, I have walked at one time 4 to 5 dogs, and yes I am still in awe of dog walkers than we can a large amount of dogs. How do they do it? I don’t know Will, but this is what I do with Alex and the dogs that stay with us. The first thing is the door; do not let them go out the door first. You go out the door first followed by the dogs. For the first 5 to 10 mins., I let them sniff around so they can do their “business.” Once done, we walk for 30 mins., without any stops. In my case, my left hand is stronger than my right hand, so I put the dogs I know pull more or walk faster than Alex on my left side, and the other on my right side. If you only have 2 dogs to walk, that is easy. You can either put both on the same side or one on each side. Sometimes, when I want my right hand free I put them both on the left side, but that is once in a while since I don’t answer phone calls or texts while on our walks. You need to set the pace, but remember to let them do their “business” before the walk or they’ll pull you. In a nutshell: -Walk out the door first, followed by your dogs. -First couple of minutes let them do their business. -Put the dog that walks faster or is stronger on the hand that is stronger so you can make corrections. -You need to set the pace. Good luck:)

  3. KDKH says:

    I haven’t ever worked it out. Good luck.

  4. Kuruk says:

    Me and Nalle have Mama hold her leashes in one hand and twist them up so it’s like our hiking leash to keep us close together, but she can also untwist if one of us wants to stop and sniff or, you know, go poopy. If Mama held them in two hands she might get confused as to which way we are walking her. 😉 Wooooowoooooo, Ku

  5. stevebuddy says:

    Will been there and done it !
    I found by using the double leash that is made from a bungee cord helps with them pulling, it allows them to pull some, but it also pulls them back. it did take some time to master walking two dogs, one being older and the other still in his puppy years, and both that want to smell everything. But the bungee cord leash helps alot, the run about $25, but what is nice is you can take one lead off to walk one dog to, the handle is like a handle.for water skiing and soft.

  6. Gina says:

    Fiona and Lapsi do great on dual dog walks. I have one one each side. On occasion they swap sides. I kind of hoped that three would be just as easy but no such luck. All of a sudden they have different idea on where do go at any given time. Good luck and have fun. I love that little livernose!

  7. I think by acknowledging that dogs have different walk styles you’re on the right track. You will just have to find the right way for the dogs you have with you. I think it’s trial and error a bit but with time everyone will adjust.

    My personal way of walking Boomer and Dottie together is to have them both on my left side with the leashes looped around my wrist and then my hand gripping the leashes further down to keep them close to my side. When it’s time to sniff or potty they get more leash.

  8. Well I always seem to find them running around me and wrapping their leashes so I will take a spill. My falling always makes the doggies happy.

  9. This sounds tough. I know people do it, and some do it like pros. But I am in awe. One 20 pound mutt, I can control. That’s it for me!! Good luck!

  10. harrispen says:

    We have enough trouble with two dogs and two people! Walter is so bouncy he is often tripping me up. It is like a walking dance.


  11. Boomdeeadda says:

    We had two dogs at one time. Luckily we lived in the country and a leash wasn’t mandatory like in the city. What I did was walk one leashed and one off leashed. Then on the next walk I switch. The off leash one always stayed with the pack even without a leash.

  12. Hi there Mr. Will and Eko dude! Mom uses a coupler when she walks Butthead and I together, I hate it coz’ I have to watch what side of Butthead I am on if I want to mark something…but by the same token, he’s learned the hard way how to stay out of my way…hahaha! Mom likes the coupler coz’ when I want to go one way and Butthead wants to go the other way we end up keeping each other in check and we end up going the way Mom wants to go anyway…works especially well, when we go on our morning jog with Mom (which Butthead has now weaseled his way into).

  13. joanb49 says:

    When we had 2 dogs (Daisy & Chloe), we had a 2-way leash and after a learning curve of a couple of weeks, they walked really well together. They were about the same size, but Daisy was slower and not so inquisitive. She did hold Chloe back some and Chloe did convince Daisy to live a little.
    We didn’t always use the tandem lead. If both Dave and I were walking we each took a dog but if one of us was on our own, we used the tandem lead. You just have to work through the frustration of the first few weeks.

  14. Paul Van says:

    My small company makes a new product for walking 2, 3 or 4 untrained dogs, it’s called a UTurn handle. It is a 3-dog 3-leash handle with 3 grips. My wife or I use it nearly every day to walk our 3 cairn terriers and in the weekend often 4 with one person when our daughter is here with her maltese-yorkie. With 4 dogs you use 3 leashes on the handle and one separate leash not attached to the handle.

    It is a patent pending invention and the beauty of it is that you can untangle all 3 leashes with half turns of the handle while walking. In addition, you can direct each dog individually or protect a weaker dog from being pulled or jerked around as happens with couplers. We sell it on our website, and also on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

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