Dog Fashion Faux Pas?

For over a year now I have suspected some higher ups in the fashion industry have scoured this blog to search for the next big thing.  This time though they may have gone too far.

dog adventure, petcentric, marking our territory Last summer I joked about putting Eko in a purse so that he could ride on the subway with me

Then a few days ago I find out there is a product called a puppy purse and it retails for $70 – $100!  I was concerned Eko and I missed out on a million dollar idea until I saw this photo.


You know what? Not sure the world needs this. (Photo by Alberto Reyes/

To each his own, but I think fashion has gone a bit too far with this one.  It doesn’t look very comfortable for the pup or person and from first hand experience I can say that it looks ridiculous.

dog adventure, petcentric, marking our territory

Ok, so maybe Eko and I are not the intended market, but you get the idea

As far as I’m concerned, walking with your dog next to you or holding them in your arms will never go out of style.

17 thoughts on “Dog Fashion Faux Pas?”

  1. Agreed! It makes me sad when I see dogs tucked into purses and bags. It looks uncomfortable and it seems undignified. I will tell you a nice story though. Our neighbors dog is now quite old and only able to walk about a block. Last week they got out the soft-sided wagon, lined it with a thick blanket and took Bruno around the block. I think he had a nice time.

  2. It’s a good thing you work out to be able to carry Eko like that. I think a shoulder strap would be more comfortable 😉



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