[VIDEO] Temps drop, Pups don’t stop

Winter weather is here with all sorts of fun temperatures like -2 and -30 (with windchill). Nevertheless, Eko and Penny need to run and romp year round. In the interest of preserving our sanity (and my apartment security deposit) that means we bundle up and see what kind of winter adventures we can find outdoors.



I didn’t get to see this til now, was saving it for my husband to see as well, (he LOVES your videos too!) I LOVE how Penny’s ear still flips back!!!! Your new place is so dog-friendly, it’s great!

I think it’s fantastic that you never let cold or bad weather stand in your way! Those pups have it good!

Nice video 🙂 you managed to catch a little bit of everything in ridgeback play behaviour.

Penny is very active, seems more active than Eko, our female is also like that now at 1,5 year of age (she runs around like crazy and probably five times more than our male).
In talk with other female RR owners I found out that females tend to calm down at 5-6 years of age.

We were also finally out today in the woods after 15 days. Our females paw pad heeled sooner than expected. And it was great, they both were running like wild.

Today its 14 C degrees here, and we are expecting snow tomorrow. Climate has gone wild.

We asked for trouble, obvious you did too 🙂
We had one perfect, well behaved dog, and then we got onother who spiced up our lifes 🙂

I LOVE those kids at the beach! When I walk in snow for 5 minutes, I start acting like my feet are on fire and beg Mom to carry me with my saddest sad face. I’m not crying wolf – I swear!! She says the word, “I don’t like the cold any more than you do, little girl. WALK!”

Love and licks,

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