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January 12, 2015

Some lessons a puppy just has to learn the hard way

We’re currently luxuriating in temperatures which could get as high as 40F by the end of the week. Last week though, at the apex of our mini-polar-vortex, the whipping winds made any thought of an extended outdoor excursion pure madness. So of course we went to the beach. Eko’s wise
We’re currently luxuriating in temperatures which could get as high as 40F by the end of the week. Last week though, at the apex of our mini-polar-vortex, the whipping winds made any thought of an extended outdoor excursion pure madness. So of course we went to the beach. Eko’s wise enough to know when to fold ’em, but Penny is firmly entrenched in an “I’m an invincible puppy!” mindset.  Restless and whining, Penny demanded her usual long run at all costs. Eko on the other hand demanded I let him back in the car after just a few good sprints. Undeterred, Penny stormed the beach herself. 12.1

Well, it used to be a beach. It’s more of a tundra these days


Penny valiantly battled the elements as ice collected on her face. It looked as though she might in fact defy Mother Nature and win. Until the wind came, that is


Then Penny learned the hard way why the beach might not have been the best idea


The ferocious winds battered us, but Penny fought on


Until the wind got so bad I could barely see Penny twenty feet away from me

“Ready to go?” is my recall command at the beach. Eko will obligingly trot over on cue, but we’re still working with Penny. When she’s having fun, she’ll have an acute episode of selective-deafness. In fact, she’s never once left the beach on her own accord.  Until last week. After that last gust of wind Penny stared at me then trotted right over to the fence. She at least had the grace to admit defeat.

Back at home, I cranked up the heat and thawed my pupsicle.


“Will, next time I want to go to the beach when it’s -20F, remind me of this moment”


A lesson and a nap, both hard earned

On our walk later that frigid evening, my adventurous Penny turned back for home just as soon as she possibly could. I think Penny learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes the best adventures are the ones where you don’t leave your couch.

Comments for Some lessons a puppy just has to learn the hard way

  1. dashlilly says:

    OHHHH Penny!!! you stole my heart in these pictures. Yes, we all love to be outside and play but the wind and weather can be fierce and you have to listen to your big brother and your Will. I am glad you enjoyed your snuggly nap. Stay warm!

  2. I bet Fridtjof Nansen felt the same as he visited the polar bears once… maybe your Will can place a bowl on the floor for the condesation water?

  3. she is one brave and DETERMINED girl, but…the temps won this time! Good job Penny and to YOU for going to begin with!

  4. Kismet says:

    I hope that the sand on the beach doesn’t freeze into cement. She could injure herself in the cement footprints.

  5. Poor, sweet Penny so much wanted to run and play. Great captures of her run on the frozen beach sweet Will. Hugs and nose kisses all around!

  6. hachikome says:

    Too cute! But being outside in this weather can be brutal. We just posted some of our favorite indoor exercises:


  7. coastingnz says:

    Bless her heart for trying. Thankfully our boys are more than happy to curl up on their beds when the weather outside is not favourable for a beach walk.

  8. Elyse says:

    Poor Penny. Duncan, on the other hand loves the cold. It’s Mom who wants to turn around with the pup saying “Where you goin’?”

  9. I was snickering at the beginning, which turned to snorting, then a full laugh while reading this. My co-workers thought I was losing it until I showed them. Neeka mirrors Eko and Khoi is Penny’s twin. Cold rain is what turns him back to the car where Neeka is waiting (it helps that they’re the same ages). What a way to start a Monday. Thanks. Don’t ever stop writing.

  10. You are such a good dog-daddy. Girl dogs are such an adventure. Hoping you all stay warm enough during the milder temps this week (shoot, when it’s in 40’s, we’re busting out the cargo shorts & Teva sandals in Colorado!) but then there isn’t that lake thing to boost the wind chill.

  11. Marcela says:

    Lol. I totally agree with the selective-deafness. I like to call it selective-hearing, but I am with you Will. The pictures are so, so funny. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I do think she learned her lesson.

  12. fredrieka says:

    I do not blame her I am so bored, when bored trouble is not far behind. Momwithoutpaws just realized that BonBon actually hears loud sounds. Oh she is good at ignoring both pawlessparents.. SHe is in for an awakening

  13. T&S says:

    Great 🙂
    Love your photos because I know how hard is to catch ridgeback in play (someone asked me lately do my dogs always sleep, because I usually take photos of them when they are resting 🙂
    They are so sweet tired like that 🙂

  14. Adam says:

    My 6.5 month old RR puppy thinks he is invincible too…he is currently nursing his second sprained ankle in the past 2 months. Apparently he is not the quick student that Penny is.

  15. Nikitaland says:

    Sometimes finding that spot in the couch where your butt print has made, is the best option when it’s cold outside! Stay warm Penny! We romp outside too, but we know when to head back inside to the warmth of our blankies!

  16. That’s a mighty good lesson to learn too – I can confirm that the earlier we learn it the better (and warmer our winters will be!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  17. Oh my silly girl. Great photos, the wind ones were fun. Those darn pups think they can handle anything, Glory will stay out too if I let her, Gman will do his thing and run is a fast as ever and Nellie prefers to just stay in.

  18. Gail Simburger says:

    Hilarious! Puppies can be so hard headed. Maybe she’ll learn things go better when she listens to you. There’s always hope anyway!

  19. Eve says:

    Love the pictures so much and yes there is a hard headed 4 paw girl that use to live here too, but Mom does rule! Such a great time watching her learn! LOL!

  20. Emmadog says:

    Yep, we know how that goes. Bailie attacks the cold with wild exuberance only to experience paw freeze in the frozen snow. She stands in the back of the yard trying to figure out how to keep all four paws off the ground at the same time and how to get back to the house without touching the snow. She comes in, warms up and goes back for another round. I know better, and don’t even try!

  21. Fabulous pics! Love them. As a “mom” to a 9 month old coonhound, I totally understand life with an energetic pup. Wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

  22. cdog5 says:

    I live in northern Indiana, Will — not too far from Chicago. Charlie, who is so ball-driven, thought he wanted to play ball in the snow the other day. Well, that was short-lived. He pulled up his hind leg and hopped all the way to the back door; ball-playing over! Hope you and your fur kids stay warm — I hear another cold front is headed our way. 🙂

  23. I”m with Penny…I would want to leave that couch either!

  24. amzntammy12 says:

    Wow. Hands up to Penny for braving the cold. The pictures are beautiful too. 🙂

  25. Rene L. Hester Jensen says:

    Absolutely loved & enjoyed the pix! Thanks’ again for sharing & making me laugh out loud! R’

    Rene’ L. Hester “Better one day of energy & determination than a 100 years of idleness!” ~The Dhammapada Sent from my iPhone


  26. All kids have to learn their own lessons sometimes 🙂 Everyone here has pretty much decided that the warm beds are the winners 🙂

  27. cafall says:

    Oh those stubborn puppies! She’ll do it again, you know. 🙂

    Monty and Harlow

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