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August 18, 2015

On The Move

The deal is done and we have the keys to our new place! We couldn’t be more excited to move in, but we certainly lack the same enthusiasm about the actual move. The good news is thankfully we don’t have a ton of stuff to move. The bad news is
The deal is done and we have the keys to our new place! We couldn’t be more excited to move in, but we certainly lack the same enthusiasm about the actual move. The good news is thankfully we don’t have a ton of stuff to move. The bad news is the pups were despondent about all our packing. 

For the pups, packing bags normally means we’re leaving them, so packing lots of bags made them think we were leaving them for a long time

After a number of trips shuttling boxes to the new apartment, the dogs finally realized they could relax and not worry I was skipping town.

As usual, Eko diligently supervised my work

We may be upgrading the amount of space we have, but we are still discarding some of our custom artwork rather than bring it with us.

“Hey Will, why are we getting rid of all this stuff?”

“Ohhhh, that’s right. I destroy everything I touch.”

Maybe fearing I’ll leave her behind for her naughty puppy-rap-sheet, Penny placed herself in prime position to remind us to bring her along.

“I’m ready to go!”

We’re still sleeping in our old apartment for the next couple days and saving the big furniture for last. As the bags and boxes trickle out, the pups are ever more insistent they not be accidentally forgotten.

“Don’t even think of trying to sneak past us.”

The rest of the week is going to be an exciting but exhausting whirlwind of settling down into the new digs. While we unpack I’ll make sure to take plenty of photos of the pups in their new habitat.

Can’t wait to show the pups and show you guys the new Marking Our Territory headquarters. But for now, back to the boxes!

Comments for On The Move

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    Awesome pics! LOL Congrats on the new place. Looking forward to seeing it, and I hope you have good sun-worshipping spots for Eko and Penny, otherwise there might be a revolt!

  2. Caroline says:

    Whoo Hooo! You made it through the home buying process! Not as much fun as they lead you to believe. The doggies are going to love it. Such faces they give you.

  3. Emmadog says:

    Moving is always a lot of fun for pets at our house. The cats love all the boxes, we dogs love the new sniffing territory. The only down side is during the move, Mom doesn’t have lots of time for fun with us, but we get some rest time. Can’t wait to see your new digs!

  4. I corss my paws for the moving and I hope you are happy efurryday in your new headquarter…. I wonder what the recycling-people think when they see the discarded artpieces :o)

  5. We’re so excited for you! And good idea about getting new furniture. Start fresh. Hopefully Penny is past that destruction stage now. Khoi, on the other hand, has reminded me that he is not. He ate my Maui Jim sunglasses. Tried to mold the ear pieces to fit his big head.
    Best of luck with all your moving. Can’t wait to see the place and the pups reaction to it.

  6. Eve says:

    Moving is definitely hard work!! Glad you got the new place and can’t wait to see photos of it and the pups checking it out!! Congrats and Good Luck!

  7. CJ Valentine says:

    Hay Vicki, well they are moving – pups are just to funny – had to share. I loved your story of your dog being afraid of the little – crated dog at The pet store. Our 8 pound pup rules here too – no one dare touch her food bowl. Ha. Ha.

    Sent from Christine


  8. Kismet says:

    When Kaci and Kali see the peeps both take showers, they know they’ll be left alone-again. They get on the bed and look with mournful eyes at the peeps. I call this “pouting”. As for this bird, the fact that the peeps will be gone for the day makes me do the happy dance as long as the water cup is full and the seed cup contains a lot of goodies. It’s a rough job trying to teach those peeps to SQUAAAAWK. I thought they were supposed to be intelligent. I need those breaks from that thankless task.

  9. Aww moving is a bummer! That photo of Penny atop the pile of stuff is amazing!

  10. Genevieve says:

    Yay! Congratulations! What a house full of love that will be!

  11. Can’t wait to see! I know this is gonna be great!! Happy Moving!!!

  12. Karen says:

    Love, love, love those faces!

  13. OhMelvin says:

    Yay for moving! Although boxes always remind me of how Melvin got ‘happy tail’ and turned into a blood sprinkler on the first day in the new house! Wishing you less blood and more joy!!!

  14. coastingnz says:

    Whoop whoop that is super exciting. Congratulations. Nothing like getting the keys finally and knowing it really is happening – well done. Our boys are the same with us – even if we move furniture in the room they are like hey wait what? If we’re packing up the car there are two bodies in it way before there needs to be two bodies in it – just to ensure they aren’t left behind. lol

  15. Connie Taylor says:

    Having moved over 30+ times, from childhood to my time in the military, (twice overseas) its always an adventure and our pets always adjusted to the new “digs” quickly. Penny on the stack of boxes is the sign of a supervisor who knows how to relegate jobs out to the peons! Here’s to lots of sunny days and times for all of you!

  16. Congrats and welcome to home ownership. Love that Penny staked her queen of the mountain spot-good girl. Good luck with the move and hang in there, it’ll all be fine …once the mortgage is paid off. 😉

  17. Victoria says:

    i am so happy for you! Congrats and take it nice and slow moving stuff so you aren’t too exhausted to enjoy the new place!

  18. Excitement! New place! Maybe even some new furniture to eat! Oh wow! Well we hope the move goes smoothly and we can’t wait to see the new digs and hope the pups think it’s as wonderful as you and Emily do!

    Pam and Sam

  19. fredrieka says:

    I get the worried look, momwithoutpaws says my emotions are written all over my face she calls me a drama queen

  20. Marcela says:

    Lol. I can beat your post:-) In 2006, after Cynthia left the Navy, we were packing up our SUV to move back to Maryland, and right before we started to load all our boxes in the car we couldn’t find Alex. I was scared out of my mind. The one day I needed her to be in the apt., she decides to leave. Cynthia and I looked through the entire apt., and we could not find her. Finally, we went down the stairs, where we parked the car, back door was left open to start loading it, and do you know who we found there? Alex. What a relief! After that, we loaded the car, while Alex stayed in place. Once I needed the space she was occupying in the back of the SUV, I put her in the front seat. Do you know what she did? She fell asleep. She really thought we were leaving her. Heck no!

  21. Good strategy Penny. When we would visit my folks in Palm Desert with Sally & Tino, as soon as we opened the back of the SUV to pack, Tino would jump in. It might be an hour or more before we were actually leaving, but he was not going to be left behind.

  22. How adorable! Love Penny laying on the pile of bags and love the part about the “custom art work”!

  23. Glad you are moving to a bigger place! Penny had it all figured out so you don’t forget her 🙂

  24. isn’t moving fun, you get to purge and start over.

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